Well of LOVE

It’s a true story, a true story of every person who falls in love without knowing how bad the other person could be. How much hurt you can bear.

One-day a boy was walkinwellg in the garden alone. He was quite good looking, not so much of smart and so much of innocent (world calls as dumb). He sat on the bench and started observing all things around. He saw a girl sitting right in front of him on the swing. She was not so young but she was sitting on a small seesaw. The boy first smiled as she was just managing to sit there. He went there and told her to sit in the hammock. She looked at him with her sorrowful eyes and stood up from there. She didn’t look at him again walked away from there. The boy felt bad about his behaviour, he felt like he has disturbed the girl’s privacy. He went back to the bench and closed his eyes and tried to take a nap. Suddenly a sweet voice came to his closing ears, “Thank you”!

He opened his eyes and looked at her eyes, clouds of sorrow were leaving her eyes and light of life can be seen in them.


“Do you come here every day?”

“sometimes only”

“I am _____”

“My name is____”


And the days of glory started here. They were spending a day in laughing and nights in promising each other to never leave each other forever. The world of love was becoming very loyal and polite. Everything was looking like heaven and the problems were disappearing from their lives. Each moment of them was happening so fast and they didn’t want to leave it.

But one thing the boy didn’t notice that something was happening to him physically. One day noticed that his heart was coming out from his body, it was pushing the walls of the body.

He didn’t notice it with that importance, but it was appearing from outside. The one-day girl asked him what’s that on your body?

“I don’t know, maybe it’s my heart”

“why it is seen from outside? It looks like it wants to come out from your body”

“I don’t know. Maybe I am in love with you, that’s why it is behaving like that.”

“I don’t think it’s a good thing”

“don’t worry baby, everything will be alright. And as long as you’re with me.”

“Listen, I don’t know whether we are going to live forever but this ‘heart thing’ is not good for you”

“What do you mean by not going to live forever? We have promised each other”

“I know, but I am not sure with this ‘heart thing’.”

“But it is not hurting me, neither it’s bad for my health”

“No, it’s not a good thing to come out from your body, you can lose your life”

“what bullshit, it can’t”

“I want to show you something, come with me”

“wait, what?”

“It’s well of love, come with me I will show it to you”



Then they went to a place which was dark and scary. Deciduous plants, dark clouds and mist were spread all over the place. Small insects with big teethes were crawling on the ground. Birds with larger beaks on small heads were tapping continuously on those trees. There was only one well in the centre of the ground surrounded by those trees. Boy’s heart had become so bigger until that time. She took him to the well and said,

“this is the well of love”

“I can’t see anything inside, it’s dark”


Suddenly boy felt a push on his back, couldn’t control himself anymore and he fell inside the well. As he was falling in it, the last thing he saw was that girl’s numb face.  It took only one or secs to fall to the deep underground but the surface was too high to reach back. It looked like that well was 1000 meters deep dug. He couldn’t understand why she did to him like that. What was it all about?

The well was narrow from the opening and very broad at the deep down base. It was filled with the liquid which was sticky and vapours were coming out of it. It was dark but he adopted to see inside the well in no time. He saw his heart has already come out of his body now but it was still beating. He couldn’t understand what the hell is happening to him.

He looked around and he found someone sitting near the wall. The person was sitting there in troubled fetal position and sobbing immensely. He walked toward that person and get to know that it’s a girl. He said hello to her but she didn’t give any response to him. He asked her if he can help her with the situation so they both can come out from this well.


The girl moved slowly and stood up to him. Her face was still covered with her hairs. It was a moment when they stood in silence for a while. Suddenly, she pushed him to the wall, took out a knife from her back and started to stab him in his heart. He was deeply shocked after seeing her face. The girl who stabbed in his heart, it was her who pushed him into the well, the girl who he loved the most. He tried to stop her but he was unable to do that. He started screaming so badly, his voice was echoing in all over the well. He was bleeding from his heart. She was still stabbing him in the heart like she only wanted do that to him in all ages. Her heart was also out of her body and it was totally crushed. It was so crushed that the arteries and veins were actually coming out of it, they were cut to the ends.  He screamed, shouted at her to stop this right now. He couldn’t bear the pain of heart bleeding. He wanted to push her but couldn’t do that either because she was totally transparently impossible to grab. So, he started running away from her to avoid the pain. She also started running after him to stab him in his heart more. He ran the hell out and got tired, but she got him and started to stab him from the back. He fell to the ground and realized that the liquid in the well was a mixture of blood and tears. He fainted and went to the deep sleep.


As he went in the sleep, he started dreaming about all those good days that he spent with her. The laughter of days and the promises of nights teases of noons and good-byes on evenings. All the happy time he spent with the people around him, it was looked so soothing. He came off the dream as the sleep ended. He opened his eyes gently. That girl was sitting near the wall as she was before, sobbing and bent down.


He saw really good things in the dream and he wanted to get back them. He became much stronger now and he stood up with the bleeding heart. Suddenly he watches a rope hanging beside him. He moved slowly to rope and started to climb up to the well. He wanted to take that girl back to the surface but she was impossible to hold. As he was reaching to the surface all the pain was leaving his body. His heart was becoming normal now, it was going back inside the body. As he reached near to the surface he saw a girl standing there waiting for him. It was his love, who waited for him till he gets better. She bent down and lend her hand towards him.

He was confused now. It was the same girl who pushed him in the well. It was the same girl who stabbed him in the heart and now it is the same girl who is lending a hand for help. It was very difficult for him to trust.

And that day another well created near to that well.


What should this boy do now guys? Should he hold her hand?

Tell me …!



Love is beautiful as well as lethal. It is a venomous beauty.

P.S – I have not written the names of the characters because it’s for you. You decide who fits in this characters.

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The Bus Stop

I don’t know where I am right now. I can hear some voices around me. I can guess. They are girls, yes they are. How did I find that out? Just because their voices are very mild and pleasurable. They are giggling. Some boys are also with them. hmmm… notorious. This is the time for them to do all these mischieives. Two aunties are there. Wow, they are talking about cooking. I feel hungry too, now. And yah, one of them is angry on her husband. Why are you speaking loudly aunty, please. I can’t stop them, but why should I stop someone from expressing their feelings to another. Oh! children also came back from their schools.

Boy- Uncle aapki bus nahi aayi..?

Me- nahin beta, tum logo ki chutti ho gai?

Boy- han uncle, aaj na humne school me teacher ko itna pareshan kiya na, unhone humko jaldi chod diya ( and all little monsters laugh together.)

Me- kyun, aisa kya kiya tum logo ne?

Boy- arey uncle, unki book mese ek ladke ka photo gir gaya to fir humne unse nam pucha. unhone bataya hi nahi, phir hum sab ne unko itna sataya na ki wo fir half lecture me hi humko chod diya. Bohot maza aya uncle, ab to hume homework bhi nahi milega aisa lag raha he.

Me- Kya bolu tum logo ko. beta jo log pyaar me hote he unko sataya nahi jata. Par chalo unko bhi ye pal yaad rahega,jaise shayad main yaad karta hu. Kaash wo mere sath hoti aaj, to wo bhi iss baat pe hans leti.

Boy- chalo chalo uncle aapki bus aa gai, wo chadi(stick) le lijie, aur ha mera hath pakadiye. Han, is taraf, dhire se. Han, steps he yaha. ok ho gaya.

Me- Thank you beta, iss andhe ko rah dikhane k liye.

Boy- Uncle kya aap bhi, andhe to hum he jo dekhkar bhi sab ko undekha karte he.

And the bus leaves it’s station.

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​Kuch yaha kuch waha,

Bus kisike khayalo me,

Us husn ki talash me,

Jo he ki nahi,

Main hu ki nahi,

Meri talash me,

Zindagi ek kaisi paheli he Jo na koi sulja Sakta he na koi koshish bhi karta he. Har koi zinda rehne k liye Marta he yaha, Pata nahi kyun par yahi karta he har koi yaha. Kisiko sawal he ki kyun aya hu me yaha pe aur kisiko jawab ki padi he.

Sab bhag rahe he, daud rahe he, kya ye darr he ya fir jivan ka yahi niyam he.

Kya he ye zindagi, nishabd, netravihin, na sun sakti he na kuch mehsoos kar sakti he.

Chillati he zindagi yaha raho pe har kisi ko bata ke ki me yaha hu ya fir khamosh reh nati he koi band kamre me. Na koi astitva he kisika ya fir sab hi he yaha pe. Na me hu na tum. Ya fir ye ek swapn he Jo har kisi ke dimaag me he. Kya he sahi kya he galat. Na Jane kyun dhundh raha hu me ye sab.

In pahado me, nadiyon me, pedon me, har insan me, kisiko Jo shayad hain hi nahi.

Ye me kaha hu, har jagah Bas nasha he yaha joothi chizo ka!


She ran, ran so fast to run away from her house. The house of pain, she always wanted to leave that house and today was the time.
But the reason was beautiful, it was Love. And she stopped in the arms of a man. It was the moment where every sound of nature paused for a while.couple-on-the-beach-painting
The waves were low, and the night was high on darkness. And the stars were alone tonight, still, they were so calm. But the wind was telling her to
not to leave this person anymore. She hugged him like two trees hug when the storm is coming. And she became so calm after watching his face.
She- I never wanted to hurt you. I’m sorry.
He- you’re not hurting me, you simply can’t.
And then they lie down on the sea-shore.
She- I can’t live without you, it’s difficult to live without even in my thoughts.
He- yeah, I am a kind of handsome guy.
she chuckles
He- How beautiful this world is! I’m gonna miss this place.
She- Me too.
He- you are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
She- you still call me a creature.
He- You, behave like that.
She- Oh, please !

The ship was seen from very far. Her heart was beating so fast now. She embraced him. The moment was passing very fast.
She started crying, he couldn’t stop crying also. But she made him stop crying.

He- I can’t imagine that you are leaving me. I know it’s necessary but still it is unacceptable.
she- I am not leaving you, I don’t know. I am just, just want to live. It’s really painful.
He- I know, that’s why you are going to leave me here. And it will make both of us happy.
she- I know, it’s just about time. But time can’t erase memories.
He- It will.

He kissed her on her forehead. The ship finally came to the shore. She hugged him last time. And then she went to the ship.
Sailor took her hand and helped her to get on that ship. The ship started leaving the shore. She runs to the back side of the
ship. She cried heavily. She was waving her hand to him. A lady asked her ” to whom you are waving your hands? I see no one”
She said, “To my beautiful life”.

Dark inside

322974.jpgI was looking for something. In a very deep search. So I started digging the ground. I went very deep and I saw a skeleton. There was a label on the wrist. It was my mother. I became so paranoid. My eyes were not blinking anymore. Then I went to another place and started digging out there. And there was another skeleton and labeled as my father. I got in trouble. Didn’t know what to do. Went another side. There was a Tulip flower on the body. And saw the label “love of your life”. Then the corners, they were filled with friends. I dug the whole the whole field, it was filled with the people who loved me more than I do to myself.
I ran to the big rock,
Started screaming,
Was kicking myself,
Hitting the head with big rock,
Trees were laughing,
Wind was in hurry.
Moon stayed there, it didn’t want to move anywhere because the skulls were shining in the moonlight. I tried to kill myself but couldn’t do that to myself. Now what am I supposed to do with myself? Suddenly felt something under my skin. It was black ladybug with white spots on it. It came out of my skin and sat on my nose, silently. I was watching it very curiously, also scared. The lightning happened somewhere in the sky, it was very low like never happened. The ladybug moved to my head. My all hairs started becoming tiny ladybugs. They were all over my body now. All the hair became ladybugs. But they were silent, not hurting me. I was blank as a paper. Suddenly they flew away. Now I was hairless person. I was afraid of darkness and somehow my skin started to melting to the ground. Like boiling from the inside. It turned black after coming out of my body. Now I was just muscles. The blood was running so slowly like a Galaxy moves in a year. So slowly, I can see the blood cells also. May be the sensation can take thousands of years to tell my mind that wind is blowing and the light is captured by darkness. I was fragile. The ants started to eat me and I felt nothing. I was dead inside. I was dying now, made me little happy. I saw a snake was coming to me. Now I was glad because I was going to die very soon. But it didn’t do anything and just passed on the way. Now I see, how it was cruel to me. Half of the body was eaten. Blood became black after coming out of veins. It was spreading on the ground in circle. I was drowning in the hole which was full of black blood. It was my head only left now. All the ants left me alone there. It was just me, my head, my mind and totally screwed. I tried to call someone but no voice was coming outside from the mouth. The ladybugs came to help. They took me off the ground and put me in the middle of the graves. I could see them, but there were no tears. I waited to die, still waiting…

Reality and Experiences


Every time I can’t be with you. My heart is beating, lungs are full of air and mind is full of thoughts. Life is strange. People love each other and hate each other. But they regret about their guiltiness at the death time. They want to be happy but it is not easy and allowed to everybody every time. Why they want to be happy or sad? Sometimes I wonder between two words. “Happy and sad”. It can be psychological condition for brain in science and also emotional rationality for arts. But for me it is a psychological emotion that comes through different minds via different type of sensations. Life can’t be defined or it can be defined in more than thousand ways. But ultimately life is limitless. No one can create a line of boundary for your life. We see and we feel everything but we can’t understand everything because we don’t change the vision for particular things. In this world everything came with its own visualisation. That’s why we see colourful world. From an ant to human and also in non living things, they have their own visualisation. But mostly people see everything by one way only, they don’t change the vision for particular things. Its hard to explain that why people are not changing their vision because there are so many factors affecting their minds.

They blame each other and make their self sad but they can’t accept the reality. Life is not difficult but it is different. Just change the vision or go with the flow. The people, society, religion, relationships and so many things are not good if you want to live your life courageously. Yes these things make everybody coward. Coward from the world, Nature, space, loneliness, knowledge, education and most important experiences. Because we came on the earth so we need to experience everything. We can’t judge anything on basis of information only. We have to feel everything and we need to tell the people our experiences so everybody can get that as a experience but not as a moral value.

The Woman (intellectual talk with the prostitute)


I heard that we are the creators of the world, but it’s not true. The whole world discriminate us.
Why I have to create a new soul..?
Why I am the only thing that is raped, insulted, torn up and thrown away from the reality. That is the rule of this shitty world. But the thing is I don’t give a fuck to the world. Now today I am starting the journey of my world which is never taken as the reality but fuck that, I DON’T CARE.
I live in the city were people make money, live their life with family, take the lunch in afternoon and dinner in evening, fuck their ugly wives and go to sleep. I am a prostitute. I don’t know what kind of word is that. Pro-sti-tute. Is there institute or something! What the fuck..! People come to me only for one job and that is sex. I know it’s difficult to understand a prostitute when she is high and telling the naked truth about the morality. I have to get fucking high you know…!!
It’s not about what you see in movies or reading in books defining the term prostitutes but it’s where you have to survive every minute in this fucking world where no one is yours. Nobody cares; seriously…every motherfucker comes here for a free blowjob or asshole fucking. In your life everybody believes in religion, society, family, relations, fucking gods and so and so…but here at the other side of the world everybody is recognised by their work or job what you people call it. People call it the dark side or the bad side of the world but they need to think that why this shit is happening here. The other side where people love each other only to show that they believe in themselves but from their heart they are ready to kill each other if they got a chance.
Once a boy came here. He was about 19 years old. He was little worried about something but I didn’t ask. He didn’t do anything but he asked me so many questions and I was shocked about myself. Like, is this my life…? , Am I going to die here? , is this the type of liberty which I am suppose to have? That little boy was so worried about me. He gave me some money and then he left. In my life I met this kind of guy first time who cried in front of me. I didn’t sleep that night. Yeah it was normal; you know not to sleep because of your job or anyone doesn’t want you to sleep. But eternally that was different, I also cried that night.
I remember when I saw my parents last time. Seriously I am here because of them. They wanted a boy and today I am seducing every boy of this country and that country. They threw me away; I didn’t see any kind of sorrow on their faces. Well well well, that is how life works. The people are worried about their lives in their worlds. Sometimes they share their experiences with me you know!
Once a man came here. He was very angry about his wife. I asked what happened and he told me the whole story why he came to me that day. His wife was cheating on him. He gave too much of booze to her and fucked her and the funny moment comes here; she was moaning and shouting during sex by taking other man’s name. That’s why he was here that night. He was not satisfied that night so he decided to come here. He told me how he was busy in job for collecting the money so he can take her wife to different places for travelling and show her the beauty of nature, but he was broken-hearted then.
In my vision everybody comes in this world with a reason. I see the people in the market, in the mall, kids in the park, old man and women on the road. I see them happy, but I couldn’t find the reason why they are so happy. Unfortunately they are happy or pretending to be happy. If they are happy in their real world, they don’t need to build a whore-house. If they are happy then why the fuck they are destroying my life for no reason. Sometimes you have the limitations with no limitations. I mean the limitations for you are not for others, like I can get fucked by different men everyday but other women can’t. And other women can wander any of the places where they want but I can’t.
After sometime you know what, you have to accept the reality by changing it into dreams. You can’t see the world outside of the room every time. You have to believe that it is a dream and it will be over when the sun will rise and spread its saffron rays to your heart. I always wait for the day when there will be no sorrow, pain, arrogance in my mind and I will be with my loneliness. So this is the reality of my life.
Ok now let’s have a fuck.

By #weeDy